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September 30, 2021/Research

How to Get Outsized Returns on the $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

The coronavirus pandemic sent a clear message that equitable access to infrastructure is a requirement for living and thriving in today’s world.

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September 27, 2021/From Our Grantees

Beyond Upskilling: How Employers Can Cultivate and Grow Talent

Explore how two of our grantees work to develop responsible and future-forward workforce systems.

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September 27, 2021/News

Chronicle of Philanthropy Op-ed: Katy Knight on Infrastructure and Philanthropy

Siegel Family Endowment’s Katy Knight argues in The Chronicle of Philanthropy that the once-in-a-generation federal infrastructure plan holds immense promise for communities across the country.

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September 17, 2021/From Our Grantees

Beyond Upskilling: The Ingredients for Success in Navigating the Innovation Economy

Learn how our grantees are advancing the conversation around adaptation, access, inclusion, and systems alignment.

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September 16, 2021/News

City Limits Op-ed: Katy Knight on the Digital Divide in Our Schools

Siegel Family Endowment’s Katy Knight argues in City Limits that we cannot let the digital divide leave more of our students behind.

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September 8, 2021/Research

Siegel Funds New Research on the Evolving Nature of Work

With a new wave of investments SFE is exploring what the future world of work looks like to uncover how we can help shape a tech-powered economy that benefits everyone. 

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September 1, 2021/From Our Grantees

Beyond Upskilling: Spotlight on COOP Careers

In this first article in SFE’s ‘Beyond Upskilling’ series, COOP’s founder and CEO Kalani Leifer examines the ways in which the organization’s programs set participants up for success, and explores the nuanced role of social capital in expanding opportunity.

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September 1, 2021/From Our Grantees

Beyond Upskilling: Marking Workforce Development Month

SFE marks Workforce Development month in September with an Insights series on skills development within the innovation economy

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August 5, 2021/News

SFE Awards Two New Grants to Reimagine Infrastructure

At Siegel Family Endowment (SFE), we believe deeply in the importance of strong social, physical, and digital infrastructure as a prerequisite for cultivating an engaged, resilient, and equitable society.

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June 29, 2021/From Our Grantees

Grantee Profile: NYC FIRST’s ‘Robot in a Box’ Program Brings Robotics Home

In 2020, SFE grantee NYC FIRST faced a challenge experienced by most organizations that provide direct services to students and young learners: how to translate highly nuanced, interactive educational programming to a remote context.

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June 4, 2021/News

Event Recap: Katy Knight Examines Rural Opportunity with Matt Dunne, Rep. Ro Khanna

Siegel Family Endowment’s Executive Director Katy Knight recently participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Commonwealth Club of California.

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