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We seek to find the solutions and support ways of thinking that will help us fulfill our mission to understand and shape the impact of technology on all aspects of our society.
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The impact potential of a philanthropic organization goes beyond the individual impact of specific grants or even broader strategies.

A well-functioning philanthropy is also a learning organization. It should learn from successes as well as failures, connect the dots between issue silos and sectors, be humble about what it knows, and identify gaps in knowledge that need to be filled. It is our goal that advancing knowledge in our grantmaking interest areas will lead to better decision making for ourselves and other funders, as well as for policy makers, and leaders in the private and nonprofit sectors. 

Interest Area


We believe multidimensional learning ecosystems that consider the whole learner, whole school, and whole community are a crucial path towards more equitable outcomes. How might we shift systems in ways that drive equitable outcomes and create opportunities for learners and their communities?

Interest Area


AI and emerging technology are fundamentally shaping the nature of work and employment. How might we best empower workers and communities to shape and utilize new technologies and prevent harms in the workplace?

Interest Area


Strong communities require just and equitable infrastructure – and just and equitable infrastructure require engaged communities. Yet, as a result of excluding the social and physical spheres, inequities persist in the design of digital services and accessibility of those services. How might we increase the meaningful participation and agency of communities to shape the development, deployment, use, and stewardship of the digital infrastructures upon which they rely? 

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