Our Thinking

Technology has changed the way we engage with institutions and one another, and reshaped foundational elements that underpin civil society. Innovation can have immensely positive impact or create outsized destruction. Additionally, in a world that is increasingly connected through digital means, we need to develop a new understanding of what infrastructure is and what it can do for us.

We support work that advances physical, technological infrastructure, and helps individuals and institutions develop resiliency in order to adapt to ongoing cultural and technological upheaval.

Our Goals

Reorient the popular understanding of infrastructure

Establish new ways of thinking about the built environment

Promote healthy social infrastructure in the digital space

Public Interest Technology at SFE

We believe that technological fluency is the key to ensuring everyone can participate meaningfully in an innovation-driven world. The public interest technology movement is made up of individuals and organizations who are collaborating to achieve that goal by using new technologies to serve the public good.

SFE’s partners at the Ford Foundation, the New America Foundation, and the Hewlett Foundation (among others) are each responsible for developing critical segments of this emerging field – from developing interdisciplinary university resources that will help established fields remain agile in the face of innovation, to building new technology training programs for public sector employees. At SFE, we’re working to make sure that everyone is conversant with new technologies, and understands the impacts and implications of technological change on all areas of their lives.

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