Our 2020 Year in Review

It’s our mission to understand a world shaped by ongoing, substantial change. While the upheaval of the last year has been persistent and far reaching, our years of experience navigating uncertainty have served us well, and set us up to engage with new challenges while continuing to address the long term societal changes that define our work.

For all the challenges that 2020 has presented, I’m proud that we’ve still managed to increase our output, help our grantees advance their own work, and hit a number of significant milestones along the way. I’m happy to share this year’s annual report, which includes a few bright spots from our work in the last year, and recognizes the continued progress that our grantees and partners are making every day.

We responded to the changing needs of the world around us

Our COVID-19 Community Grants program gave members of our team an opportunity to engage directly with work that was important to us personally. Every team member was given access to a one-time fixed amount of funding, and had the opportunity to make an impact in communities that are important to each of us individually.

We also redoubled our commitment to equity and justice, and have taken action to ensure that our work never ignores the context and widespread impacts of institutional and systemic racism.

We released a new framework for creating the world we all deserve

Our whitepaper on multidimensional infrastructure included examples of partner organizations doing important work across our portfolio, and outlines a vision for a more inclusive world.

We evangelized the messages of this framework to a number of high-impact audiences, and convened key stakeholders to develop best practices and advance this work in practice.

We’re also gathering more and more examples of work that reflects a commitment to multidimensional infrastructure – and will keep adding to the list as we move forward.

We published more insights on our work and updates from across our network than ever

Our grantees have done amazing work in a time of crisis, and directly engaged some of the most pressing issues facing our society today. We’ve been proud to use our Insights channel to spotlight grantee work, highlight elements of our strategic approach, and partner with other leaders in the field to issue meaningful calls to action.

We’re excited for what’s to come in the year ahead!