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March 31, 2023/News

Katy Knight accepted into Forbes Nonprofit Council

Katy Knight, President and Executive Director of Siegel Family Endowment, has been accepted into Forbes Nonprofit Council, an invitation-only community for chief executives in successful nonprofit organizations.

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March 22, 2023/From Our Grantees

A New Leader at Summit Public Schools

On the twentieth anniversary of Summit Public Schools, we interviewed Cady Ching, Summit’s incoming CEO. Cady has been a teacher, mentor, school leader and network executive, as well as a parent in Summit’s local community. In our conversation, Cady reflects on Summit’s values, the role that her identity and background play in her work, how she’s been preparing for her new role, and her goals and priorities for Summit.

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March 17, 2023/From Our Grantees

Supporting Community and Economy Vibrancy through Technology and Entrepreneurship

We sat down with Marguerite Dibble, a native Vermonter, entrepreneur, and interim executive director at the Black River Innovation Campus (BRIC) to find out what makes the Precision Valley special, what BRIC is doing to leverage community assets and values, and what other rural communities can learn from BRIC’s experience.

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March 14, 2023/News

Highlights from our trip to SXSW EDU 2023

Our team had an incredible few days at SXSW EDU of learning, connecting with education leaders, and designing what’s possible for the future of schools and learning. Here are a few highlights.

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March 3, 2023/From Our Grantees, News

Breaking the Glass Bottleneck: The Economic Potential of Black and Hispanic Real Estate Developers and the Constraints They Face

Grove Impact and ICIC, with funding from Siegel Family Endowment, release new report demonstrating the economic potential of increasing diversity in real estate development. Report estimates removing constraints facing Black and Hispanic developers could address long standing racial wealth and housing gaps 

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February 3, 2023/News

Event Recap: Siegel’s 2023 AMA

On Wednesday, February 1, VP and Head of Grantmaking Joshua Elder and SVP and Head of Research John Irons hosted an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA), in which they provided an overview of our 2023 approach, renewed grantmaking interests, and other key updates to our work.

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February 2, 2023/From Our Grantees

Multidimensional Engineering in Practice

E4C Fellows reflect on engineering for social change, the value of collaboration, and shaping career trajectories It’s rare for engineers to have accessible and multidimensional…

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February 1, 2023/Research

Automated and algorithmic management is already here, invisibly shaping job quality for U.S. workers

Siegel Research Fellow Kathryn Zickuhr on how automation and algorithmic decision-making is already affect U.S. workers, from recruitment and hiring to throughout workplace environments.

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January 30, 2023/Big Ideas

Feedback Survey 2022: What We Heard and What We Plan to Do About It

We surveyed our 2022 grantees and conducted nine in-depth confidential interviews to dig deeper. What follows is a summary of key themes put together by our third part interviewer – and how we plan to respond. 

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January 26, 2023/News

Meet Our New Grants Team Members

At Siegel, 2022 was a year of growth and change. With that, came the expansion of our Grants Team.

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December 22, 2022/News

Event Recap: Siegel at the Technology Association of Grantmakers

New organizational tools have the power to streamline operations and processes, but knowing how and where to allocate resources to support them is a complex and multifaceted process.

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