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December 8, 2022/From Our Grantees

The Tech Interactive: Computer Science for Building a New Generation of Curious Problem Solvers

How The Tech Interactive in San Jose is Bringing Computational Thinking and Data Science Into Its Exhibits, Programs, and Teacher Support

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December 7, 2022/From Our Grantees

Dr. Marina Bers: Computer Science Education as Coding Playgrounds

How to teach coding and computational thinking to our youngest learners

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December 6, 2022/From Our Grantees

Museum of Science, Boston: Computational Thinking for Elementary Educators

How the Museum of Science is helping elementary educators bring engineering thinking to their classrooms

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December 5, 2022/From Our Grantees

UCLA’s Center X: Computer Science Education for an Equitable World

How the UCLA Computer Science Equity Project is advocating for equity in CS and active civic participation

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December 2, 2022/From Our Grantees

Digital Inclusion to Advance BIPOC Wealth Creation: A Q&A with Leaders from NGIN

We sat down with NGIN’s CEO and Vice President of Insights and Innovations Swati Ghosh to discuss NGIN’s unique approach to economic development and to dive into some of the findings from their new report.

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October 27, 2022/From Our Grantees

Event Recap: Katy Knight on “Out of the Box: A Conversation About the Future of Schooling”

The virtual event “Out of the Box: A Conversation About the Future of School” featured an afternoon of panels with the most influential voices in education. In Funding the Future of Schooling, philanthropists discuss the role they see for themselves and others in supporting system modernization.

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October 6, 2022/From Our Grantees, Research

Case Study: Inclusive Innovation Cycle in Manufacturing in Buffalo, NY

Technological innovation is rapidly changing the manufacturing sector. While the benefits have the potential to be far-reaching, they are not equitably shared.

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October 6, 2022/From Our Grantees, Research

Research Brief: Aspen Digital on a People-Centered Approach to Digital Infrastructure

When it comes to digital infrastructure, communities lack more than just broadband access.

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August 24, 2022/From Our Grantees

Leadership Q&A: Claire Anderson from Ripple Effect on Water Literacy as a Tool for Addressing Climate Change

There are few places in the United States that are as frequently challenged by the immediate and increasingly urgent impacts of climate change as New Orleans, Louisiana.

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June 16, 2022/From Our Grantees

Income Sharing Agreements: Innovative Funding Model or Risky Financing Alternative?

Siegel Family Endowment’s Katy Knight moderated a panel on the potential benefits, shortfalls, and as-yet unseen consequences of income sharing agreements and more.

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May 18, 2022/From Our Grantees

Leadership Q&A: Research and Robotics on the power of cross-sector, community-driven innovation

Mark Parsons envisioned and founded the Consortium for Research and Robotics (CRR) in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 2014, and has since departed to start New Bedford Research and Robotics (NBRR) in New Bedford, MA.

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