Event Recap: Grantmakers for Education Annual Conference 2023

Partners from our place-based grantmaking in Atlanta joined the SFE team for a panel with a “Newlyweds”-style game show twist where we reflected on significance of collaboration, trust-building, and the inclusion of diverse community voices in transforming schools into critical public infrastructure and promoting equitable education models.
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Op-Ed: AI: It’s not magic; it’s computer science

In order to prepare students for the world they are set to enter, our education systems ought to prioritize teaching AI, rather than banning it. Thankfully, we already have much of the curriculum in place to do so. Our Executive Director Katy Knight, explains that while AI may seem like magic, it actually rests on skills that CS educators have taught for decades.
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Much More than a Coding Language 

In this joint interview, Co-Executive Directors Mindee and Sarah discuss the power of Scratch in developing important skillsets, mindsets, and community for learners around the world, as well as how Scratch is evolving in response to what it's learning. 
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