Playback: Katy Knight and PIT-UN Leaders at SIDGE Symposium

The rapid development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has far outpaced society’s ability to understand its implications, and the government’s ability to regulate these tools to prevent harm. But AI is not in the driver’s seat, people are. This panel discussion centered communities in the conversation, and going beyond AI hype and doomism to explore an alternative future: one rooted in wellbeing, ethics, and justice.
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Introducing Our BRIC Case Studies 

The Black River Innovation Campus (BRIC) in Springfield, Vermont, is a powerful example of community-driven innovation in a rural community that has been impacted by the departure of manufacturing operations and jobs that once centered the local economy. Our case studies explore three key elements of BRIC’s approach: support for emerging tech entrepreneurs; connections with the local community; and partnerships with local and national organizations and institutions.
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