We’re a part of a community of organizations committed to integrating technology and public policy in order to advance the greater public good. Our partners in this work include the Ford Foundation, the New America Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and the Mozilla Foundation. Each one of these organizations has developed crucial segments of the growing public interest technology field, including university network development, career pipeline creation, and designing training programs for public sector employees.

SFE’s thinking on public interest technology is rooted in the belief that a more technologically fluent populace is the key to ensuring everyone can participate meaningfully in an innovation-driven world. As technology’s role in all parts of society continues to expand, it’s our goal to ensure that everyone is conversant with technology as it affects all areas of our lives. This is an especially significant part of the work in our Infrastructure interest area, where we work with grantees who use technology to enhance public institutions, and critically examine technology’s impact on civic life.

We work with policy makers, technologists, researchers, and educators to ensure that new technologies are incorporated into the social fabric effectively, and in a way that advances the greater good. Learn more about some of SFE’s grantees who are doing work in the field of public interest technology below.

Selected Grantees


CSforALL works to make computer science education a central part of K-12 learning for all students. They advocate to school districts, and create curricula that help teachers and administrators develop computational fluency in all students. Our partnership with CSforALL has helped them to grow their platform nationally, and to develop and advocate for innovative computer science education programs on a scale that wasn’t previously possible.

Data & Society

Identifying how technology impacts society is just the first stage in learning how to engage with it. SFE supports Data and Society’s fellowship program, which gives leading researchers the access and resources that they need to both explore the effects of rapid technological change on all facets of civil society, and advocate for the policy solutions needed to address them.


The Mozilla Foundation is focused on maintaining and supporting the health and accessibility of the internet, for the good of every individual and organization that relies on it. SFE supports their work to research the causes of, and advocate for solutions to, emerging and established problems throughout the digital world, and the areas impacted in the analog world, too.