Siegel Launches Research Advisory Council

Over the last two years, we have been building out our research capacities through expanded grantmaking, creating a Siegel Research Fellows Program (see our 2021-22 cohort and 2022-23 cohort), and by expanding our internal staff. 

As part of this growing effort, we are thrilled to launch a high level Research Advisory Council composed of leaders of research groups and experts working at the intersection of technology, social sciences, and its impact on society. The goal of this group is to help spot emerging trends and opportunities for research and advocacy – both for the benefit of our work, and also, more importantly, to help inform and connect the work of many of our grantees and other partners.

“The questions we are asking and the problems we are trying to solve around rapid technological change do not have easy answers,” said Katy Knight, President and Executive Director of Siegel. ”We look forward to the opportunity to unpack this work with this remarkable group of leaders.”

The Council will be led by John Irons, Senior Vice President and Head of Research, who laid out his vision for the Council: “One of my aspirations for this group is to help us get a sense of what we, as a community, should be thinking about, researching, and funding in the near term; and also to help spot and prepare for the impact of technological innovations in  3, 5, or even 10 years down the road.” 

Meet the Council members here.

We look forward to sharing updates as they develop.