Siegel Family Endowment Joins Feedback Labs’ Feedback Incentives Learning Group

by Katy Knight

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a funder’s dinner at Feedback Labs’ Feedback+San Juan summit in Puerto Rico. It was a chance to bring together members of the funding community to align on creating equitable, just, and effective grantmaking strategies. Earlier this week, I joined Feedback Labs and a group of funders to kick off an exciting new phase of this collaborative work.

The Feedback Incentives Learning Group is designed to help funders share critical findings and develop new processes for incorporating grantee and constituent voices and experiences to their grantmaking work, in order to more effectively reflect their experiences and needs. This group of funders and stakeholders, including representatives from the Fund for Shared Insight, the Omidyar Network, and the Rockefeller Foundation, will work together to test and share our learnings about incentives that grantmakers and non-profits alike can use to improve their feedback and listening practices. We’ll experiment with incentives, such as increased access to funding and public recognition, to advance our shared goal of helping funders and grantees refine best practices that will drive the entire field forward together.

At SFE, our work is driven by a process of constant inquiry, and we firmly believe that asking the right questions is the first step to achieving our broader mission. I’m excited to continue this work with a group of likeminded funders who are committed to improving their feedback practices and the field of philanthropy more broadly, and am looking forward to sharing more findings as our work progresses.

Katy Knight is the Executive Director of Siegel Family Endowment