Meet Our New Research Team Members

Research plays a central role at Siegel. From shaping our big picture questions to unpacking the latest research studies and reports to keeping a pulse on the latest field-wide conversations, our research team drives and informs our work. 

This summer, we’ve further expanded our research function by adding three new team members. One of the new members will serve as Research Associate, stewarding relationships with our research grantees, sharing research findings, building new partnerships, and helping manage our Fellows Program. Two other members will serve as In-House Research Fellows, synthesizing and generating insights from across our interest areas. 

 “We’re delighted to have additional capacity to dig deeper into our focus areas, expand our network, and be able to offer more support to our grantees and partners,” said John Irons, Senior Vice President and Head of Research. 

Meet them below! 

Owen Davis, In-House Research Fellow

Before Siegel, I completed studies toward a PhD in economics focusing on labor markets and institutions. Prior to that I worked as a journalist reporting on topics including education, finance and the economy. 

At Siegel, I plan to study how the introduction of digital technologies affects employment relations and worker wellbeing, with a particular focus on AI and AI-enabled workplace technology. I’m excited to connect with and learn from Siegel grantees who work in this space. 

Outside of Siegel, I play guitar and forage for wild mushrooms. 

Madison Snider, Research Associate

Before Siegel, I completed my PhD at the University of Washington in Seattle. I worked as part of an interdisciplinary team in the College of Built Environments on an NSF funded study looking into the organizational and communication dynamics of universities in the process of becoming  “smart campuses” (i.e. introducing a whole lot of networked devices into the built environment). My dissertation evidenced the need for more meaningful inclusion of maintenance and care workers into the process of design and implementation of “smart” technologies in order to ensure these infrastructures were safe and effective in the long term. 

At Siegel, I recently moved from the Research Fellow to the Research Associate role. I am looking forward to deepening my relationships with grantees and thinking long-term about how we can support grantees and partners through our growing research capacity at Siegel. As our team grows, I am really looking forward to learning from the expertise and interests of our fellows, both internal and external.

Outside of Siegel, I make pottery and enjoy time outside hiking, climbing, and camping. 

Robin Zachariah Tharakan, In-House Research Fellow

Before Siegel, I most recently completed a master’s degree at Tufts University. Prior to graduate school, I worked as a development consultant through a University of Chicago fellowship. 

At Siegel, I want to study research questions that can support our grantmaking while learning from the work of our amazing grantees in the public interest technology field. 

Outside of Siegel, I passionately watch my favorite sports teams disappoint me, attend indie concerts, and search for the city’s best desserts.