How Will AI and Automation Affect Cities?

The Scalable Cooperation Group at the MIT Media Lab has a mission that applies to a far-reaching set of ideas. While focusing mostly on the ways that technology is starting to mediate human interaction and societal structures, the team has also embarked on a set of research projects that aim to illuminate many facets of the future of work.

Led by Associate Professor Iyad Rahwan, this work is grounded in ongoing research at a number of levels, and is now focused on illuminating where gaps and problems might arise for the American workforce as in-demand skills and automation reshape the labor market across different urban geographies. The team recently published their first piece of research relevant to this project in The Journal of the Royal Society: Interface — and they made the cover of the publication, too!

Explore an in-depth write-up from the MIT Technology Review (and read the full article here) to better understand the ways that automation is poised to reshape cities and labor.