CORI’s Rural Innovation Network is Advancing Tech in Communities Across the Country

Cape Girardeau, Missouri may not look like a typical innovation hub, but for the growing number of tech-driven entrepreneurs who have made the town their center of operations, changing expectations and debunking myths about rural America are a part of their vision. As a part of the Center on Rural Innovation’s (CORI) Rural Innovation Network, Cape Girardeau is home to a number of new companies and tech enterprises, including and Codefi. It’s a remarkable example of a community working to challenge popular misconceptions about economic opportunity in rural America.

CORI recently released the first installment of their video series “The Rural Edge,” highlighting leaders who love the communities where they live, and want to help more people access and participate in the innovation economy. Watch the full video below, and learn more about the implications that the work in Cape Girardeau has for rural communities all over the country.