Event Recap: Building the Sustainable Future We Deserve at MozFest 2021

Infrastructure influences everything – and one of the core tenets of Siegel Family Endowment’s multidimensional infrastructure framework involves asking practitioners from a wide range of diverse fields to reconsider the ways that they rely on and intersect with one another.

On Tuesday, March 9th, Siegel Family Endowment’s Executive Director Katy Knight will lead a workshop at this year’s Mozilla Festival (MozFest) that brings our multidimensional framework to life through real world examples, collaborative group activities, and active discussion. The event will be hosted in MozFest’s “Sustainability” vertical, and will include a detailed presentation from Katy Knight on SFE’s multidimensional infrastructure framework. Attendees will be encouraged to think about where their work fits, and will work together to identify intersections and opportunities for collaboration. We’ll also hear from two leading researchers about their work engaging with underrecognized and emerging sectors within the infrastructure landscape: Alexandra Mateescu of Data & Society will give a lightning talk on the intersections of care work, domestic labor, and digital surveillance, and Jenny Brennan of the Ada Lovelace Institute will speak about her research on the impact of digital technologies on the built environment. 

SFE’s panel at this year’s MozFest will be an opportunity to actively learn with others about multidimensional infrastructure, to find out how this framework can guide your own work, and to hear from practitioners and researchers in diverse fields about how these ideas are being brought to bear in the real world. Learn more about the Mozilla Festival, and join us by registering to attend here before March 8th, 2021.