RPA: Creating Change Through Integrating Long-Range, Regional Planning, and Advocacy

As RPA holds its annual Assembly to convene stakeholders across the region this week, we sat down with RPA President and CEO Tom Wright to discuss RPA’s unique approach, the battles it’s fought, and the partnerships it’s built. Along the way, Tom explains how RPA is a little like a submarine, why the solution for better airport access lies in looking west, and how and why RPA works to promote ideas whose time has not yet come.
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Event Recap: Siegel’s 2023 AMA

On Wednesday, February 1, VP and Head of Grantmaking Joshua Elder and SVP and Head of Research John Irons hosted an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA), in which they provided an overview of our 2023 approach, renewed grantmaking interests, and other key updates to our work.
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