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From Values Agnostic to Values Driven

The breakneck progress of generative AI seems to be condensing into fresh momentum for comprehensive tech policy. However, to design effective, foward-looking policy, we must start with a shift in discourse around technology and technology policy from values-agnostic to values-driven.
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Meet Our New Research Team Members

From shaping our big picture questions to unpacking the latest research studies and reports to keeping a pulse on the latest field-wide conversations, our research team drives and informs our work. We’ve further expanded our research function by adding three new team members. Meet them
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Introducing Creative Research at Siegel 

As an organization committed to an inquiry-based approach, research is central to any foray into art and creativity. We define “creative research” simply as research with creative outputs. Creative research challenges and resists the dominance of traditional knowledge by widening the aperture of “research” to include different perspectives, ideas, and ways of knowing.  
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