Effective Philanthropy

Feedback Labs: Making Feedback and Listening the Norm in Aid, Philanthropy, Nonprofits, and Government

Feedback and listening aren’t nice-to-haves for nonprofit organizations, funders, aid groups, and governmental agencies; they’re essential if organizations are to effectively serve the community and to center their work on equity. We sat down with Feedback Labs’ CEO Britt Lake to discuss Feedback Labs’ model, priorities, and the benefits that come from listening and acting on feedback.
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Event Recap: Siegel’s 2023 AMA

On Wednesday, February 1, VP and Head of Grantmaking Joshua Elder and SVP and Head of Research John Irons hosted an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA), in which they provided an overview of our 2023 approach, renewed grantmaking interests, and other key updates to our work.
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Our 2020 Year in Review

While the upheaval of the last year has been persistent and far reaching, our years of experience navigating uncertainty have served us well, and set us up to engage with new challenges while continuing to address the long term societal changes that define our work.
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