2023 Giving To Date

Please find below a list of running list of grants out the door in 2023. These grants will be fully incorporated in the Siegel Grantees table once our giving year closes.

Organization NameAmount
Alder Graduate School of Education$150,000.00
Biodesign Challenge$65,000.00
Braven Inc.$200,000.00
Brown University$50,000.00
Capital B News, Inc.$50,000.00
Carnegie Hall$200,000.00
Center for American Progress$300,000.00
Center for Social Media and Politics at New York University$250,000.00
Center on Rural Innovation$1,000,000.00
Citizens Committee For NYC$75,000.00
Clay Arts Center$10,000.00
Code the Dream$75,000.00
Res Publica US$250,000.00
Communitas America$50,000.00
Community Funds, Inc.$50,000.00
Community Share$50,000.00
Connect Humanity$150,000.00
COOP Careers$250,000.00
Citizens and Technology Lab at Cornell University$75,000.00
Data & Society$300,000.00
Editorial Projects in Education$50,000.00
Amalgamated Foundation$250,000.00
Feedback Labs$200,000.00
Govern for America$100,000.00
Teachers College, Columbia University$50,000.00
Hoff Barthelson Music School$25,000.00
ICA Fund$350,000.00
Jobs for the Future$200,000.00
JUST Capital$100,000.00
Last Mile Education Fund$100,000.00
Massachusetts Institute of Technology$100,000.00
MIT QUEST$1,000,000.00
Mozilla Foundation$250,000.00
New Bedford Research and Robotics$150,000.00
New Growth Innovation Network$200,000.00
New Schools Venture Fund$200,000.00
New York Buddhist Church$10,000.00
New York Hall of Science$150,000.00
Passport Atlanta$150,000.00
Projects with Care$12,000.00
Public Interest Tech University Network$750,000.00
Pursuit Transformation Company$1,000,000.00
Regional Plan Association$100,000.00
San Francisco General Hospital Foundation$250,000.00
Santa Fe Institute$240,000.00
STEM Teachers NYC$37,500.00
The Aspen Institute$150,000.00
Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life at the University of North Carolina$260,000.00
Transcend Education$250,000.00
Trustees of Princeton University$500,000.00
Upwardly Global$50,000.00
Washington Center for Equitable Growth$250,000.00