Established in 2011,
Siegel Family Endowment (SFE) is a grantmaking organization

We seek to help understand and shape learning in our technology-driven world.

Our Mission

We invest at the intersection of technology, industry, and education.
We connect innovative organizations across traditional boundaries.
We give voice to exceptional people.

Our Approach

We talk about our work in each of our interest areas across three categories:

Is: How we define what this area means to SFE
Think: Where there is room for innovation and improvement
Do: What we're doing to help organizations make an impact

Interest Areas



Is:  The ability to navigate between education and work to achieve a fulfilling, successful career.
Think: There's a fundamental disconnect between education and industry that students, parents, and teachers need additional resources and mentorship in order to navigate successfully.
Do:  Support organizations that create tighter connections between industry and education.


Is: The use of research-informed, technology-enabled products to facilitate more efficient and better learning.
Think: Too few ed tech solutions are designed to engage students in meaningful learning experiences, and schools currently lack the infrastructure and educator communities required for effective implementation of these new technologies.
Do: Identify and support partners who use technology to create meaningful, research-based learning experiences at scale.


Is:  Solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior, using the concepts fundamental to computer science.
Think:  There are too few opportunities for people to engage in computational thinking, especially at early ages, even though it's a critical skill for creating a meaningful career and understanding the world.
Do: Create partnerships between research-based organizations who emphasize participation in creative problem-solving in K-12 schools.

Who We Are

Jessica Traynor - Executive Director

Thea Charles - Director of Research

Jessica Johansen - Relationship Manager

Adrian Pelliccia - Program Manager

Ryan Ramirez - Program Administrator

Laura Stankiewicz - Relationship Manager


Contact Information

100 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10013

We regret that we are unable to accept unsolicited proposals for funding at this time. SFE is proactive in building partnerships and supporting the organizations who are best suited to solving problems in our areas of interest.