Our Chairman

David Siegel is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. After graduating from Princeton, he received a PhD in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he conducted research at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. In 2001, David co-founded Two Sigma, a financial sciences company that uses innovative technology and data science to transform activities across financial services, from investment management to insurance. In 2011, David founded Siegel Family Endowment to pursue his philanthropic interests, supporting organizations that will understand and shape the impact of technology on society. David sits on the board of several organizations including MIT, Cornell Tech, Stanford PACS, and Carnegie Hall.

Who We Are

Our team has a wide range of experience and expertise. Learn more about each of us, or reach out to a specific SFE team member below. To learn more about our unique partnership with CSforALL, click here. To see open positions on our team, click here.

Head of Knowledge and Impact Thea Charles

Director of Special Projects Jessica Johansen

Executive Director Katy Knight

Relationship Manager Laura Maher

Head of Communications Adrian Pelliccia

Director of Operations & External Engagement Jumee Song

Senior Relationship Manager Ramik Williams